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At, a Linelocker has been established for many years: the Equilocker. Since 2014 we have changed this only minimally, why also, it works perfectly!

The Equilocker is simple and simple: it can be put into the setup with any common shackle that is used in the slackline: the large opening makes it easy to install the shackle.

The Equilocker


With 380g, its 35mm Mittelumlenker made of aluminium, the Equilocker is ideal for long lines, in 4mm stainless steel plates and screwed with M12 bolts of strength class 10.9.

The inner width is sufficient with 26mm to keep all the tapes that are used for Longlinenen or highlining. The Quickpin is made of high-grade steel, also 12mm diameter, with push button for easy loading of your slackline.


The Equilocker Plus

In October 2018 we took the Equilocker plus into the assortment: this one does not have a shackle, but has a direct connection from a soft release.

Equilocker Plus with soft release

The Alu/steel ring

For Lowlines, i.e. Slacklines with low voltage or primitive Slacklines, a simple aluminium or steel ring, or a high-tensile chain link can also be used.

We use a 25kN Aluring with an inner width of 28mm.

We struck the longline with chain link Linelocker
Linelocker ring with padding

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