Soft release

Soft release

A soft release as in our shop is a simple tape several times each other wrapped which protects the clamping system and can be useful.

A soft release in principle a good thing is to relaxed to take the voltage from the Slackline. Is stretched a Slackline with ratchet, so you have with standard tools to relax is the chance of the ratchet, which can be sometimes even dangerous.

(Such as is band pulley klemmender a longline with block and tackle or self an Ellington) so you can, if you let the pulley in the system (if there is no Linegrip), on the brake of the pulley to relieve the tension.

If the clamping system from the Slackline is taken the Slackline at two fixed points in a Linelocker is determined. On one side, a soft release is fitted to relieve the tension then before.

The internal friction of the multiple stacked the band used metered to release the tension.


There are disadvantages, of course also; It has more weight in the backpack and the construction, or after that relax band again to install is somewhat costly at the Linelocker.

In contrast to our relief anchor, this method as an additional opportunity is given, if you don’t want to use the relief anchor.

Here the video…

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