Treeless with frames

Slackline without trees, Slackline treeless

Often you have to hook up no way Slacklines in the garden, because there are no suitable fixed points in the garden. The trees are too weak or too small or there is even no trees in the garden as in new buildings for example.

Come here then called treeless sets in different designs and variations to the usage.

If you would like to mount a Slackline without trees to be faced with two problems:

  1. How do I get to the required height so that I can balance on the Slackline?
  2. How do I fasten the Slackline in the ground?

There is no patent solution, each user should worry some what realities exist and it demands on the Slackline: how is the soil? How long should the Slackline be? Is the Slackline used as Jumpline?

With Jumplines – you must be located where very high loads occur, clear the mobile control points will have problems with the durability. Here, you should maybe think about a permanent solution, the Deadman or concrete pillars. How this is done can be found here in the blog or in our Slackypedia under the keyword "Treeless" or Deadman.

Here we present mobile solutions with advantages and disadvantages.

Often beginners are facing the problems – you want to call your own a Slackline – for the children or themselves as fun and exercise in the private garden and not come to the desired height.

Each "Frame" Slackline set is somehow rooted in the ground and then using frames on height. The tensile strength is therefore largely eliminated and converted into pressure.

Frame view
Frame view

These so-called frames are usually made of wood and are available in different versions. This that you see here will soon be available in our shop.

However, you should pay close attention the anchors in the ground:

  • There are Earth screw to the turn. These are very difficult and expensive and require an aid such as a cane or rod to be inserted.
  • Sleeves and anchors – these are partially set in concrete and provide a kind of herring
  • These pegs – are also available in various versions. You know it sure of the circus. Driven pegs into the ground and are then attached a band.

This solution is also our favorite, soon offered in our shop by Slackliners.

Before slamming into the
Ground pegs
Anchored with soil nails
Ground pegs


All these solutions are considered which are not permanently hold mobile solutions! We can do not provide also flat what ground anchor holds, because you need to try just once.

Often it is so, the anchor new must be used slacken after a couple of times.

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